What They Don’t Tell You About Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Welcome back friends!

What they don't tell you about shopping for your wedding dress.

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the 4th of July! We did, except I now have the worst sunburn. Ever. Whoops. Anyway, today I will share with you the things that people fail to mention about wedding dress shopping.

1.  That you can just walk in to a bridal boutique without an appointment.

What this means:

If you show up without an appointment you will have to wait for a dressing room and attendant to become available. Which, is fine, except you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait. You and your entourage will also be in the way, which could result in rising tempers and general disgruntlement. When they can finally see you, they will probably rush to get you out the door before their next appointment.

Or, they could simply turn you away and tell you to make an appointment. Talk about disappointment and frustration.

2. There is very little room in the boutiques and even in the big brand stores.

What this means:

Only take 3-5 people to make up your entourage. These people should work well together, be honest, kind, and truthful. If you ask more people to attend, people will have to stand, thus they will be in somebodies way.  No matter what. Also, the more people you have, the more opinions you have, which could really take the joy away from the day. Just watch some episodes of Say Yes to the Dress if you don’t believe me.

3. The stores only carry sizes 8 or 12 (could vary, of course) for everyone to try on.

What this means:

Brides who wear a larger size, prepare yourself now. None of the dresses will fit like they should. They won’t zip and they won’t lay right. You are still beautiful despite the fact that none of the dresses look good on you. It is emotionally draining and grows increasingly more depressing. How in the world are you supposed to make one of the most important decisions ever when the dress doesn’t even zip?! So, you’ll have to try to imagine how the dress will look when it actually fits you. No big deal, right? The attendant will of course hold it in all the right places to make you feel like it fits, and to give you a better idea of how it will actually look. Like that makes it better. Alas, it’s all they can do.

Don’t let this dissuade you. I still got all choked up when I tried on my dream dress and realized I was going to “say yes to this dress!”

4. The dress is not actually made for you.

What this means:

They will take your measurements and say the dress is made for you.

What you will think it means: “Oh great! The dress is going to be made just for me by my measurements! I probably won’t even need to get it altered!” False.

What it means to them: They make each dress when they are ordered. This keeps them from having left over dresses. I’m not even truly convinced they used my measurements.

So, once you get your dress back, you’ll still have to get it altered. I think I had close to five inches cut off the hem, on a dress that was made for me. And the bust didn’t fit.

5. Alterations are EXPENSIVE!

What this means:

If your dress budget is $1,500 and includes the price for the dress and the alterations, buy a dress that is around $1,000. Alterations are that expensive.


If your bodice is still not fitting after the alterations have been done, either send it back with the alterations lady, or take it somewhere else. TAPE IS NOT THE ANSWER. I cannot stress that enough. Do not accept it!

To prove this, here is some photographic evidence.

Being taped up

Being taped up

I don’t even know how much tape we used. I know it was a lot. I know it didn’t work. And I’m pretty sure some of it became visible during the reception.


Look at this!

It’s awful.


Holy smokes!

Unfortunately, that’s all I see in my wedding pictures.


I hope you found this list informative. Don’t let this tarnish your journey to saying, “YES TO THE DRESS!” When you have the dress on, and they put that veil on, it hits you. You are actually, really, truly, getting married. Whoa. And then you probably cry. And your mom cries. And everyone is happy.

That’s all for tonight! Come back Tuesday for another post!

Have a lovely evening!


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