4 Things To Know About Your Engagement

Welcome back friends!

I would like to apologize for missing a post on Saturday. It was horrible of me, and I shall never let it happen again!

Today I am going to talk a little bit about  The Engagement.

It should be one of the best days of your life. EVER. Your dreams are coming true. You’ll be his wife and he’ll be your husband. You can’t even think straight. Suddenly the fingers on your left hand don’t fit together like they used too and your ring finger is so heavy. An engagement ring feels different than any other ring you have ever worn before. Honestly.

Let’s skip ahead a bit. You have let everyone, I mean everyone, know that you are engaged. You’ve hardly taken your eyes off the ring, I’d reckon. You’ve spent so much time sharing details about the proposal, because you’ve told everyone remember, the truth has had time to sink in. You are getting married. Which means you are going to have a wedding. Which means you cannot waste another second before you begin planning the greatest day of your entire existence.

So here you are, planning your wedding.  Between the hours you’ve spent gazing at your ring and the extensive research you have done on Pinterest, pinning anything even slightly related to weddings on your board, probably titled “It’s happening!” it’s amazing that you are even functioning.

The journey to the aisle has begun.

4 Things To Know About Your Engagement

Photo by KGPhotography

Here are 4 things you should keep in mind while you are on this journey.

1. Don’t talk “wedding” all the time. To everyone. Even if they ask.

Answer their questions, of course, then change the subject. It’s the only thing you will constantly be thinking about for months. Just keep yourself involved in everything non-wedding too. Your friends and family will appreciate it.

2. Include your Husband-To-Be  in the planning process.

It’s his wedding too, and he should get a say. Give him some projects to be responsible for. He’ll love that you trust him. It shows him that you value his opinion. Plus, it’s a great way for you to work on things together. It will make him more excited for the big day.

3. Let your Husband-To-Be know you are more excited about the marriage than the wedding.

This is very hard. No, really. Because you know that you are excited about being married to him. But you are also really excited for the wedding. He knows that.  Remind him that you are very much in love with him and that you cannot wait to be his wife!

4. Planning your wedding is a test.

Not in the way you think, either. Both of you are stressed. Your families are probably stressed, which will cause both of you even more stress. Even if you have been together for years, have lived together, have children together, this journey will be a test. Emotions are running high. It can be overwhelming. You’ll feel pressured from someone about something related to the wedding, maybe even from each other. Breathe. It’s time to show each other what type of partner you’ll be .


I hope you found these helpful! Comment and tell me about your journey down the aisle! See you next time!

Have a lovely evening!


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